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All of the Ranking proof above are Buffer Sites generated using our unique Content Keto & Site Supreme method. We've only used proof from sites that got ranked and stayed ranked for over 2-3 months. But as with all Rankings they Can change Anytime

"Finally… a Fully Tested & Easy to use System that Generates Optimized Content, Deploys Authority Sites and Ranks them Inside of Google Sending
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See What Other Marketers Are Saying...

OMG Abbas, I just had my first play with the software.
This might just be the most dangerous bad boy you’ve created to date!
The content generation process is pure genius and better in terms of results that a paid monthly service that’s on offer at the moment for over $100 per month.
Congrats mate, I’m looking forward to seeing what damage can be done with this.
The possibilities are endless ; )


Darron Hodgkinson, webmaster & Marketer

Because of this program I may never again write content from scratch. That’s how good it is


Siegfried Emme, Medical Marketing Director

I used the software to generate content for an existing flooring site that has been stuck on the 6th page for my friend.
After 2 days 5 kws have shot up between 5 and 13 places Impressive for maybe 15 mins work I'm a bit slow with the software at the moment but looking forward to see what happens now I've setup S3 buckets. Great work Abbas Ravji


Michael Bryan

Create, Optimize & RANK in Google
Send Targeted TRAFFIC to ANY Offer

Scrape for Optimized Content

Scrape Google, Yahoo, Bing, your favourite sites & ANY URL for Optimized content

Generate Optimized Content

Generate 100% Optimized Content For ANY Keyword in ANY Niche and for ANY Language

Deploy Brand New Sites

Create, Deploy & Manage 100% Optimized sites filled with Authority Content that RANKS

Dominate Local Searches

Optimize Sites to RANK in cities, states & zips AND fill them with Authority content

Powerful Mass Page Builder

Generate multi-page sites in Minutes:- 1000's of Pages filled with Optimized Content in minutes


Our Software Turns Anyone Into a Marketing Expert…

It’s Perfect For…..

PLUS - Anyone Looking to Maximize Organic TRAFFIC

Rank in Google and Increase Targeted Traffic
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RANKING in Google requires Optimized content that uses natural language for the topic your targeting. Your Content needs to read well and look as if it has been thoroughly researched. It should include terms and topics that Google Expects to be included in a well-researched and informative article.
BSW takes care of all of this for you and does so automatically.

BSW eliminates the painstaking manual content process (normally taking hours of research & time) and
Changes it into a Simple and Satisfying Activity that Literally takes just a Few Minutes.

Creating 100% Optimized Content is Key to Your Rankings

And the Buffer Site Wizard (BSW) allows ANYONE to Create 100% optimized content for ANY Keyword using a Powerful & Unique Content Keto method. This Method makes sure important topics, terms and words are ALWAYS covered and well-researched.

The BSW Turns Anyone into a Content Master

See How Easy it is to Generate 100% Optimized Content

The BSW Lets you Generate 100% Optimized Content for ANY Keyword in ANY Niche And for ANY Language Saving Hours of Time & Effort.

This is Highly Optimized Content that has Proven to RANK for Multiple Keywords at a time

Create, Deploy & RANK in Google using BSW

Watch the 3 Powerful Videos to see it in Action

Video 1

Scrape for Optimized Content
for ANY Keyword in ANY Niche & ANY Language

 In order to generate content, you first need to scrape for it. And BSW content scraper allows you to easily scrape for Optimized content from Google, Yahoo & Bing.

It even lets you scrape for Content from your Favourite Sites and ANY URL

Video 2

Create Websites that RANK
Filled with Optimized Content

BSW Creates Entire Websites from Scratch filling them with 100% Optimized Content.

These sites combine the Power of Content Keto & Site Supreme to get the Best possible Results

These are 100% mobile friendly & Optimized sites that are easy to rank in google

Video 3

Build Multi-Page Sites in Minutes
Optimized to RANK in Cities, States
and Zips

BSW Creates Multi-page websites from scratch that are Full of Content and Optimized to RANK in ANY Locations, Areas and Zips for ANY Service Keywords.

Create 100's & 1000's of Optimized Pages in Minutes

These sites are Perfect for capturing leads, for dominating local searches
for selling to clients, for GMB citations and So Much More

Everything you Need to Maximize TRAFFIC Like a
True Marketing Expert..

  • Scrape Content for ANY Keyword in ANY Language
  • Generate 100% Optimized Content for your Keywords
  • Create Mobile Friendly Sites that RANK
  • Fill Your Sites with Authority Content that Google Loves
  • Build Multi Page Sites that RANK for 100's of Keywords

a Simple & Powerful TRAFFIC Making Machine

Get Instant Access to BSW

Just Check Out these Powerful Features

Generate 100% Optimized Content that Google Loves For ANY Keyword

Scrape Content from Google, Yahoo, Bing, Your favourite sites & ANY URL

Deploy Brand New Sites using FTP or Amazon S3 & Fill them with Authority Content

Dominate Local Searches & RANK in Cities, States & Zips for Service Keywords

Build Optimized sites for 1000's of Keywords in Minutes using the Mass Page Builder

Capture Leads & Make Affiliate sales with Exit Intent Redirects and Popups

Activate Full Page Overlays & Redirects for More RESULTS & to Boost Conversions

Multi-Threaded Application for Blazing fast Speeds & RESULTS

Advanced Proxy Management & Threading logic so your always in Full Control


See What Some Other Marketers Are Saying...

I doubt I will ever pay for content again Infact I doubt I will ever write it from scratch again...That's how good this is

Mike Simmons

Mike Simmons, Online Marketer

You can become absolute Champion in ANY Niche you want with this tool

David Edwards

David Whitegold Edwards, Online Marketer

So How Much Will It Cost You To Tap Into
The Power of The Buffer Site Wizard?

Before we go into discussing the ultra-low pricing... let's first talk about what it costs today to generate SEO/organic Traffic, that is comprised of Targeted buyers ready to buy ANY Offers.

Consider this... If you were to purchase individual software or apps to accomplish everything the Buffer Site Wizard does, it would break down like this...

Software that Scrapes for Optimized content for ANY Keyword using 3 Giant search Engines (Google, Yahoo & Bing) And ANY URL of your choice

$297 and up!

A Tool that Generates 100% Optimized Content for ANY Keyword using an Intelligent & Proven Content Keto Method letting you RANK for Multiple Keywords

$397 and up!

A Software that Creates 100% Optimized Sites using the Site-Supreme Method, that Google Loves, sites that can be deployed on Amazon S3 or your own FTP server or copied to create a WordPress website.

$397 and up!

A Mass Page Builder that Creates 1000's of highly Optimized pages for your Keywords & locations allowing you to Dominate Local searches

$397 and up!

The Ability to show Exit Intent redirects and Popups along with Full Page Overlays that have proven to Boost Traffic & Increase conversions

$197 and up!

A Software that has Advanced Content Keto & Site Supreme Features that make sure your Content & sites are Loved By Google and Gain favourable Rankings

$397 and up!

Conservatively speaking, you could easily spend $2000 or more to get all the functionality and capabilities that you get with The Buffer Site Wizard.

For a Very Limited time, Tap into the power of the Buffer Site Wizard for just a tiny fraction of that cost

Take advantage of our limited time launch pricing and get
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Note: This pricing is only available to a limited number of users! Once we fill our quotas,
we will be increasing the price significantly!

Just choose the option below that best fits your needs


Content Generation Only
Scrape Content
(max 10 Keywords at a time)
Generate Content
(Max 10 Artices at a time)
Fixed Term 12 Months License
Access to All Features
Scrape Content
(Over 100 Keywords at a time)
Generate Content
(Over 100 Articles at a time)
Create & Manage Sites
Create Local Sites
Work with Mass Page Builder
Fixed term 12 Months License


Please note: This is a fixed Term 12 month License
We don't want this to be another tool you forget about and get rebilled for in a year's time.
We're super confident you'll use & love it, so in a year's time, we'll grandfather you in at exactly the same price.


Our Zero Risk Guarantee
Full 30 day 100% Money Back Guarantee
Gain INSTANT ACCESS to Buffer Sites Wizard RIGHT NOW, completely 100% RISK FREE FOR THE NEXT 30 DAYS!

I know you are going to LOVE this software but on the off chance that it just isn’t what you thought or you receive ZERO value from it (highly unlikely)... I’ll refund 100% of your purchase today, no questions asked, no hassle and no hard feelings.

So fearlessly click that BUY NOW button right now and let’s get you started


With Your Purchase Today You Will Get To:


pricing breakdown


One of our customers was so excited by his results he produced this video for us
It's half explainer, half testimonial and 100% AWESOME!


Geoff Lord

Geoff Lord, Webmaster & Marketer

It's Like a Dream Come True...
Before buffer site wizard producing quality, content was hard, time-consuming and creating a real strain on my pocket.
And Getting Rankings for multiple keywords was more for the wishful thinker.
This tool has revolutionized the way I build quality Content & Authority sites.
The support lead by Abbas Ravji is like none other I have experienced.
This tool does what several tools do but 100 fold better.
It saves me large amounts of time on boring tasks such as writing and structuring content & sites.
It's the Best Investment I've made online..Period

Paul B

Paul Bascom, webmaster & Marketer


Andre Genesini, Webmaster & Marketer

Get Instant Access to BSW

Questions? Comments? Check our FAQ below, or contact us!

Thanks for checking out my latest product!

Abbas Ravji

Frequently Asked Questions

What Do I need To Run the Software?
This will run on any Windows PC or VPS and requires .net 4.0 full version (free). If you would like to run this on a Mac then you will require Parallels or something equivalent.
Can I Scrape & Generate Content in Other Languages?
Yes, Content can be scraped and Generated in ANY Language of your choice.
Is there a limit to the amount of content I can Generate or scrape?
There is NO-LIMIT to the amount of Content you can scrape or Generate.

The Pro License lets you group a maximum of 10 keywords and allows you to create 10 articles at a time, The enterprise License can group more than 100 keywords and Generate more than 100 articles at a time.
Is there a limit to the number of sites I can create and manage?
Enterprise License Holders can create and manage sites WITHOUT any restrictions or limitations
Are Updates Included?
Your purchase includes free updates for 1 full year.
What happenes after 12 months?
We don't want this to be another tool you forget about and get rebilled for in a year's time. We're super confident you'll use & love it, and in a year's time, we'll grandfather you in at exactly the same price.
How many computers can I install the software on?
You can install the software on up-to 2 computers but only 1 instance will work at a time
What’s the refund policy?
We offer a no questions asked 30 days money back guarantee so there is absolutely no risk on your part whatsoever.
Will I need my own Amazon S3 Account?
The Enterprise license lets you create and Manage sites on your own servers or on your own Amazon S3 account.Amazon offer a Free tier with 5GB storage which will allow you to deploy hundreds of sites that the software Creates for you.
Will I need to work with Proxies?
The software comes with advanced proxy management, Proxies are not needed as default but if you will be doing lots of scraping then its something we highly recoemmend.
What if I need support?
Getting support is easy. You will have access to a facebook mastermind group and access to our support email. All support queries are usually resolved within 24 hours or sooner.
Are there any tutorials and training?
Certainly, we have videos explaining every feature of the software along with best practice videos that help you get the best possible results.You will also get access to a Facebook group to interact with like minded users and learn from each other for ultimate success.
Are there any more Costs to run the software?
We built the software to work with multiple services such as 2captch, Spin rewriter, Moz, Google api, Amazon s3 etc. If you wish to benefit from these features then some are paid for services while others are free. The software can work with these add-on services but none of them are required. So Simply put, there are no forced expenses to effectively use this tool.
Can I use BSW to Promote & RANK Existing Sites?
Certainly, The BSW can help in 2 ways. You will be able to create highly optimized content for your keywords that can be added to your site. This is content that Google loves and is designed to RANK for multiple keywords. BSW can also be used to create highly optimized buffer sites that are designed to RANK your own websites. The best practice videos that you will have access to after purchase show how to use BSW for Ranking existing sites as well as Brand new ones
How do I get access?
Simply click the buy now button on this page for Instant Access

I still have some questions. Where can I send them to?
You can reach us at